It’s PNG. PNG is much better than JPEG. Trust me. Don’t use JPEG. If you want a JPEG one, just download it, put it into PaintMS, and save as JPEG. 😛 sorry, I’m just really lazy.


From the Window

I won’t be posting very often now. This’ll be a… occasionally updated blog? Well you get the idea. FROM THE WINDOW.



Right click and open in new tab to see the full size.

Back from Holiday!

Sorry for not posting for so long. And sorry for not informing you that I was going on a holiday from the 9th to the 19th December to the South island of NZ!

Well, I am back now, and I have a picture of Mr Turtle for you as a token of apology… probably.





Right click and open in new tab to see the full size.

He is sort of slanted, and I kinda only noticed that after sketching him. But I was too lazy to edit it and so I just made him pose on a rock…

He’s my wallpaper now, sitting there, ever so quiet.


Sorry, I have not been posting for a while, have I?

There will be a no posts in November, the postings will start in December.


The Secrets to my Art + Tachey Wallpaper 4 + Banana?

I use Paint Tool SAI. You can download a one-month trial here:

Practice makes perfect. The first drawing I made sucked. Seriously. But I don’t have the picture anymore.

And now for the new wallpaper!

I decided to make all the pictures larger so that it would fit your desktop screens. You should right click, open in new tab, save as — whatever you want to call it.



It’s simple, but I like it.

Hey look a banana wallpaper. (Open in new tab to see the full size.)



The Three Elements – Earth, Fire and Water

Sorry for not posting for SOOO long! My computer didn’t have any internet connection. So now I’m using my mother’s computer.
Anyway, here’s another picture – it doesn’t really relate to animals – they’re the three elements, earth, fire and water. Yeah, I left out air. This picture was inspired by a drawing of my brother’s. He drew a comic about three people who used their “powers” all at once…
His picture had no colours and so I redid the picture here again straight from memory! It might not be perfect, but ah well, who cares?!





Tachey Wallpaper 3

Hello! Sorry for not posting anything for so long. Ahem. Anyway, I did another Tachey Wallpaper! I wanted it to be red this time, and only by the time I finished, I realised that it would make a good Tachey Halloween wallpaper. Try it out if you want to. In case you forgot, right click the picture, open in new tab, save as…

And by the way, if your computer can use PNG pictures as your wallpaper and not just JPG, I strongly recommend you save the PNG picture.



My Facebook Profile Picture for the Halloween

Here is my new Facebook profile picture for the Halloween, even though I do not celebrate it. I just did a PNG because, hey, who wants to have an undead cow as their background?

Motto: The Cow of the Undead wants to kill you 🙂 Run, my friends, run 🙂

Anyway, this is the layer for the blood that was on the cow.

I though it was pretty cool anyway. 🙂

P.S. there was no Tachey trademark because this was not for Tachey. It was for my Facebook profile picture, as you know.

Jane and the Talking Cat (part 3) [last part]

Jane and the Talking Cat (part 2)