My Facebook Profile Picture for the Halloween

Here is my new Facebook profile picture for the Halloween, even though I do not celebrate it. I just did a PNG because, hey, who wants to have an undead cow as their background?

Motto: The Cow of the Undead wants to kill you 🙂 Run, my friends, run 🙂

Anyway, this is the layer for the blood that was on the cow.

I though it was pretty cool anyway. 🙂

P.S. there was no Tachey trademark because this was not for Tachey. It was for my Facebook profile picture, as you know.


Jane and the Talking Cat (part 3) [last part]

Jane and the Talking Cat (part 2)

Jane and the Talking Cat (part 1)

Oh, I know, I know… … why am I doing so many CATS nowadays?

As you can see, I made the thingies more detailed… like the clothes or the socks… they even have the hems…

Mrs Kitty



Other than this, I have some news. All the pictures in Tachey so far (Chickie n Piggy, Mr Kitty, Jane, Tachey wallpaper 1 and 2, Mr Kitty Formal and Mrs Kitty) have all been transferred from a PNG file to a JPG file. I know it looks worse like this, but at the top, you can see  trademark, right? That is because I am going to let you make ANY ONE of my art on Tachey become a wallpaper, and that is why I made these into JPG! I will try and post the PNG pictures too, because it is clearer. If your computer can use PNG pictures as wallpapers, then good for you. Mine cannot. Oh well then.

Tachey Wallpaper 2

If you want this, see the steps in the previous post about the other wallpaper.



Mr Kitty : Formal



Compare this to the picture of the previous Mr Kitty…

P.S. Mr Kitty has just seen Mrs Kitty.